Our Story

Cheap MMA equipment

At Zero Dark Twenty, we are a team of nomadic athletes who travel and compete in various competitions and decided to come together to create an online store where you can get training gear, apparel, and anything else we use, and all at lower prices without getting lower quality.

Affordable Training Gear

Understanding the struggles of competing and affording gear, we aimed offering products in each and every price range to make sure your training never suffers from the lack of reasonable priced products.

We take great pride in providing you with a whole new level of quality when it comes to your Boxing, MMA, CrossFit, Gym, Muay Thai and Martial Arts accessories. We also offer customized apparel that will empower, inspire you and get you the results you’re after.

We have an impeccable history of challenging conventions and moving boundaries for a good reason.

As a highly innovative, forward–thinking and creative Company, we are firmly committed to our primary mission of redefining the Combat Sports and Fitness industry by providing you with the most reliable, convenient and highest quality solutions perfectly tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Foundational Principals

We’ve built Zero Dark Twenty on the foundational principles of commitment to excellence, impeccability of service and relentless dedication to quality that compels our Team towards always going the extra mile in order to ensure your absolute satisfaction.

Our dedication is shared by every single member of our team, and we look forward to providing you with the premium, top quality solutions at the most affordable rates on the web.

The inspiration we feel is constantly pushing and compelling us towards developing and improving every single aspect of our Service in order to move the threshold of what is perceived as “possible” within the industry and challenge the conventions related to:

  1. • Providing you with the highest quality at the most accessible rates
  2. • Redefining the “convenience” factor played in receiving your Products
  3. • Creating powerful connection between our brand and our users
  4. • Transcending the traditional methods of Distribution
  5. • Delivering the best Combat sports , CrossFit, BodyBuilding accessories, supplements and products the industry has to offer
  6. • Generating new ideas and strategies
  7. • Finding better & more effective solutions

You can Shop Safe with Us

By doing business with us, you will be putting your fitness needs in safe hands by entrusting them to a company that has an impeccable track record of delivering innovation, promoting growth, adhering to the highest quality standards and providing you with top quality Customer Experience.

Our Team is here for you!

If you want to get the highest quality products, accessories and supplements while building your own Fitness fortress of success, you need a team of inspired, dedicated and quality individuals to support you in achieving those goals. Those individuals are our dedicated employees. That team is Zero Dark Twenty.

Our highly qualified experts are not at your service only for the purposes of customer support, help with choosing the best products and delivery– we take a personalized, unique approach of making sure that our team is there for you at all times to accompany and assist you through every step of the way to exceptional results.

If you intend to maximize your Fitness potential and work with a Brand that will provide you with premium solutions that deliver consistent, growing results – you are at the right place! Our Company has time and time again proven its expertise and quality with exceptional results achieved over the years while servicing fitness enthusiasts just like you on their journey to absolute success.

Both you and we are fully aware that in today’s highly competitive market, the fitness and martial arts industry is overflowing with low quality programs, accessories, clothing and supplements that talk a great game but fail to deliver on most, if not all of their promises.

Making sure to counter this trend and provide you with the highest quality, real, working fitness accessories and products that will get you the results you’re after and inspire you to take your activity to a whole new level – Zero Dark Twenty specializes in providing you with the best this market has to offer.

So if you are looking for the best partner to accompany, support and inspire you on your road to success, you are knocking at the right door – because we are always on the lookout for excellent clients!

Our entire team shares our common Inspiration and we’re always willing to go the extra mile in order to ensure your unique needs are met in the best possible way.

We firmly believe that Fitness and Martial Arts should be both fulfilling and extremely effective when it comes to results, and that the two are inseparable intertwined. We are firmly dedicated to aiming for the top, doing better and constantly improving in order to surpass ourselves - for the benefit of every single of our clients, because your success is our success.

Forget all about having to scramble from one poor provider to the other on your quest for Fitness and Martial Arts mastery. We have the powerful, perfect solutions uniquely tailored to your specific needs and requirements. If there's something you wish to have made custom, that you don't see on our site, send us a email or contact us through Facebook and we'll do our best to get you sorted. Simply place your order with us, and we’ll do the rest.

Start maximizing your success with Zero Dark Twenty today!

We look forward to growing together with you.

-Zero Dark Twenty